Establishing Connection to: 
Nature & The Spirit of The Land.
The Self, The Soul,
Culture & Community.
Each Other -
"We are all more alike than different."
Food, Living Arts, Giving & Receiving.




Ellen Suetholz Bradley

Ellen is a mother, wife, student, teacher and global citizen of this beautiful world. Listening to her calling, 10 years ago she pioneered her way and opened Modo yoga Northern Kentucky, the very first yoga studio in the area but also the first Modo yoga studio in the United States. Ellen was inspired to open this studio as a vehicle to spread peace and well being to her community. Since then she and her husband have opened two more Modo yoga studios becoming the Best in Cincinnati for many years in a row.

Ellen’s path to yoga began during her days of playing collegiate tennis at Villanova University. Yoga was a modality to stay health and focused during long, physical grueling seasons. As Ellen’s practice of yoga evolved so has her spirit and path. Following the path of “letting go” , in 2016 Ellen and her husband Michael decided to sell everything, except their studios and “Worldschool” their girls. They want to connect, inspire and educate their family through the diversity and beauty of the world! Over the course of this journey immersing in 20 countries, they have realized they also are in “Worldschool”...it’s not just for their three daughters.

Taking her practice around the world, has connected Ellen to far greater gifts and lessons than she ever imagined this journey would give. It is her dream to share this gift of “Connection” with each of you on every journey offered! Connection back to nature, each other, and self if the heart of this dream... The Connection Project!

“Travel Light, Live Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light” - Yogi Bhajan


Meredith Hogan

Meredith Hogan, is a shaman, yogini, singer, dancer and healer. Her healing gifts are accessed through ceremony, retreat experiences, vinyasa yoga, energy work, the dancing path and the sacred practices of the medicine men and women of this earth. She currently lives and teaches in Cincinnati and leads retreats and workshops locally and internationally.

Her yogic journey began in adolescence when a physical injury met emotional heart break. The longing to heal gave her the thirst for the spiritual medicine of practice. During an Afro-Brazilian dance immersion in Salvador Brazil, she discovered that the most joyous culture she had ever tasted had once been the most repressed and abused. A place where slavery and violence reigned for more than 200 years had become a place of constant drumming, dancing and celebration! The people were free in their bodies and intimately connected to the earth. The power of perspective and spirit were undeniable and connected her back to her own soul. She directly witnessed the relationship between nature and culture and the power we have to change the world by changing the way we see it.

Meredith is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Energy Medicine School as well as a recording artist and sacred musician. She has released two albums, Saturn Returns with her band GOODBYE GEMINI, and Mantra Unlocked with yogini sister, Katie Silcox. Meredith is earth keeper and is devoted to living in beauty and assisting others as they navigate the great journey each soul came to make.