Moontime Celebration
Overnight Retreat - October 27-28, 2018

A Rite of Passage and Soul Connection for Mothers and Daughters

October 27th 3pm- October 28th at Noon
Beautiful Lake House on Elk Lake
1344 South Shore Circle Owenton, Ky
$235 per Mom and Daughter Duo ( $225 cash)

In our culture there can be shame embarrassment and avoidance regarding the changes that occur in a young woman's body and psyche when she begins to cycle for the first time. We have lost many of the beautiful rituals and rites of passage that empower, celebrate and educate our young ones, as they step into womanhood. The purpose of this gathering is to remember the magic of womanhood, the power of honoring what that means to each of us and our deepening connection to intuition and to the Moon as she pulls our waters in harmony with hers. This can also be a time when mothers and daughters can have some friction, as our daughters don't feel the way they used to and really don't know what's going on. They can be quite rebellious and even cruel as they attempt to initiate themselves through defiance. If we, the elders don't properly honor this major change, the youth are left on their own to figure it out. So we want to create a space for honor, fun, connection, education and beauty during this amazing time in both a mother and daughter's life. We hope you will join us!

Price includes:
• Meals, Lodging and Activities
• Soul journaling
• Moon based art creation
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Stories
• Fire ceremony
• Speaker on connecting to feminine creative energy, value of our creative energy
• Speaker on physical changes in a female  body and connecting to this... emotionally, spiritually, physically. It’s going to be special and intimate.